Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Blog sale

Hi Everyone, 
I am putting up a few products (used-un used) up for sale. Their details have been mentioned on the pictures.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these, you can comment below, or write me a mail-

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Oops  Yay, I did it again !! :D :D :D
2011 has given us this big deluge of online shopping avenues and I am so enjoying it. I don’t know if it’s the joy of tearing apart that package you receive (& bursting each bubble of that bubble wrap later on :P )  freebies , discounts or anything else, Online shopping gives me a lot of happiness (and I like to keep myself happy :D :D)
 My latest discovery is the website
This is how the main page of the website looks like

You can check all the Brands this website offers here 

I ordered from the website on 3rd December and chose the option of cash on delivery. Since my order value was more than INR 250, I got free shipping. They charge Rs.35 for orders below that which I guess is nominal. I received my package on 5th December .

The parcel came super packed :P  in a cardboard box. I had to struggle a lot to set free the stuff I had ordered :D

Each product was packed further in bubble wrap as you can see.

And here is what all I had ordered
Revlon colorstay foundation 
Jovees Henna
Biotique soap
Biotique Berberry Face Cleansing Lotion
Bio-Clove pack

I received a proper invoice too for my purchase
My package reached me in good condition within 2 days of time; all the products I got are fine, sealed, no old/near to expiry date products.
I guess there is nothing more I can ask for.
However, Style craze is a comparatively new website and they do not offer a large number of brands. What makes it special is that it offers some of the brands like Faces, OPI, NYX, chambor, Bourjois, Maxfactor, Colorbar which are difficult to find for some of us & which most of the websites are not offering.
My overall shopping experience with the website has been a satisfying one. I have placed two orders with them till date, and both the times my order was delivered in 2-3 days.
FYI, the websites main office is based in Hyderabad, so all my friends from there and down south may get an added benefit of faster delivery.

  • Fast delivery of my package.
  • I received all the products, properly packed and secured in a sturdy box.
  • The website offers some difficult to find brands like , OPI, NYX, chambor, Bourjois, Maxfactor, Colorbar.
  • Offers cash on delivery
  • Free shipping for orders above Rs.250.
  • I received a proper invoice.
  • They have good customer service, I kept receiving mails from their end informing me about the status of my order, I had a few queries and I got their quick reverts.
  • I think their website looks very simple/ordinary, I think they need to glam it up a bit.
  • They should definitely rope in more brands.
Overall Rating- 3.75 on 5 
Have you shopped from ? Let me know your experience too :)

*ps. I was not paid for writing this review, based on my personal experience

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


LUSH needs no introduction, I Believe..! 


Deep cleansing, minty face and back pack. Do you ever feel so grubby you think you'll never get clean again? After an overnight flight, a marathon in a rabbit suit or a walk along the Marylebone Road during rush hour, do you feel a deep need to be scrubbed clean? Here's a cleansing mask to do exactly that, with china clay and bentonite gel to suck the dirt out of your pores, ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds to exfoliate away your mucky, surface skin cells and loads of peppermint oil to make you feel so clean, fresh and minty that you'll forget you were ever grubby.

PRICE- INR 440 for 125 gms & 900 for 315 gms

I couldn't find the complete list of Ingredients on the official Lush Website, So here s what the package reads

The Mask comes in a wide mouthed, round, black colored, sturdy, plastic jar like most Lush products. ( and if you take back 5 such empty jars to Lush , they give you a fresh face mask free :D )


 I picked up this Magnaminty mask in August, shopping with Jinal, from Mumbai's Lush Store @ phoenix mills mall. I have to tell you that they have the most inimical & inhospitable  SAs there . So, Jinal and I went around the store checking products ourselves and on random I picked up this mask & Jinal picked Love lettuce , since we badly wanted to buy something from there
 Coming to the mask, true to its name, its an overdose of mint and my face feels super cooled off when I have this on. While the lush website suggests this is a cleanser, but I use it like a normal mask. I scoop out some quantity (the amount I have shown in the swatch picture), let it stay on my face for about 5 minutes till it dries. 
It leaves my face clean and completely cooled off like I mentioned. It also has these small scrub particles, so I prefer to scrub/massage it lightly and not just remove it off with water. I notice some reduction in appearance of pores around my nose & cheeks along with a slight glow.
This mask/cleanser would be an excellent product for hot summers, but probably not for this time of the year when Winters are just about to arrive.
I have slight oily, sensitive skin and this suits me well. Dry skinned beauties will have to moisturize well after using it though. 
Well, its a good ,cooling mask basically & I like it a lot but not something that can deal with your skin issues like acne etc. At the moment I am going to finish this jar soon as I was directed that it should be used up within 6 months. I will get a refill of this only after May in summers.
Have you used Mask on Magnminty by Lush ? Let me know your thoughts about it . 

Monday, November 14, 2011


There has been a sudden spate of  Online Shopping websites, and I am Loving it :D
I like to shop online a lot, owing to paucity of time and also that we get good offers, discounts, freebies etc.
"VIOLET BAG' has recently joined the online shopping sites bandwagon . 
I ordered  a few products from the website some time back, so sharing my shopping experience with you all here.
This is how the main page of the website looks like

The site sells skin care, cosmetics ,perfumes and offers huge number of brands ranging from Adidas, Benetton, CK, L'Oreal, D&G, Paco Rabanne, to Vichy , YSL etc.
Check the complete list here
I ordered from the website on 14th October (Morning) 2011 and Received my package on the following day,15th October(evening) . Now that was really quick , considering the website is based in Bangalore.
I was impressed. My order arrived in a Violet colored , properly sealed, sturdy card board box.

The box had these thermacole squares which aid in keeping the products safe from breakage

The products were sent properly in bubble wrap.

So, here is what I ordered

  • The site is properly/well designed for easy navigation.
  • Offers a large number of brands in skin care, cosmetics.
  •  Their Prices are really competitive and they also offer some discounts.
  • The products I received where new, in good condition.
  • I Received a proper invoice for my purchase.
  • Fast shipping, My order arrived in 1 day.
  • Free shipping (for orders over Rs.250.)
  • They also have Cash-on-Delivery facility without any extra charge. 
Overall, I had a good shopping experience with them and I am definitely ordering from them again .
You can check their website here.
Have you shopped from Violet Bag before? Let me know your experience too. 

PS* Based on my personal experience, This was not a paid or sponsored Review. 
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