Sunday, January 16, 2011

Makeup Blog Jargons Decoded

Hello girls,
When rads asked me what my 1st post would be about, I had an almost sleepless night ..thinking what could be that one thing which a make up beginner (like me) should actually be aware of or encounter with often ?
After chatting with some good friends this weekend, it was brought to my attention that they were a bit confused with a few words they come across make up blogs .
 I could relate very well with this, since when I started going through all the blogs I felt such an alien when I would read words like MUFE, FOTD, SA, etc etc.
So I thought that I’d put up a list of some abbreviations that are used in beauty blogs. Here are a few of the important ones(not in alphabetical order  ;-)

MUFE=  Make Up For Ever (a popular cosmetic brand)

HG= HolyGrail (literally refers to the bowl in which jesus had his last supper, but w.r.t. make up blog world it means the MOST FAVORITE item, THE product which suits you the most and gives 100% satisfaction )

SA= Sales Agent


FOTD = Face Of The Day


NOTD= Nails/ Nail art Of The Day

TIGHTLINING = Tightlinig is an eye lining technique for creating bigger and wider eye look. In this, eyeliner is applied into the lash line and in the area where the eyelid meets the eye. To tightline your eyes, you will need to lift your eye lid up and place your liner/kohl under the lash line. The benefit is that it emphasizes the eyes without looking overly made up because it darkens the lash line. You can tightline on either the upper or lower lid or both and you can use eyeliner like you normally would along with your tightliner. The 2 keys to getting a perfect tightline are practice and the right product.

 Waterline=  The  waterline refers to the  rim of your eye. There are dozens of people who cannot put product on their waterline due to sensitivity, and many others who struggle to find a product that does not fade or dissolve because of the waterline (and the fact that it is…watery!).

EDM - Everyday Minerals

UD - Urban Decay (popular cosmetic brand)

UDPP - Urban Decay Primer Potion


IMO - In my opinion

ATM - At the moment

e/s – eyeshadow

l/s – lipstick

l/g – lip gloss

TM=  Tinted moisturizer

TLC = Tinted Lip Conditioner

BP = Beauty Powder

BPB = Beauty Powder Blush

Bristles = brush hair

Undertones = 
Skin Undertones are the colors that lie beneath the skin. Undertones are the colors that are cast like a shadow beneath your skin color. The shadow has a distinct color which never changes. While the tone of your skin color can change very easily your undertone never changes.

Lipglass = the normal lipgloss from MAC, slightly sticky but has wide collection of colors

EDM = Everyday Minerals

BE = Bare Escentuals

MSF = Mineralized Skin Finish

MAC= Makeup Artist Cosmetic

MMU = Mineral Make Up

BOGO= Buy 1 Get 1

CS= Coastel ScentS

LE = Limited Edition

Haul = a collection of new stuff you just bought

Swatches = pictures showing colors of your makeup spread on skin/paper

Dupe = short for duplicate

HTH = hope this helps

Contour = shading/make an outline

Matte= solid colors with no glitters 

Shimmer= colors with glitter
The list is endless and not  exhaustive.... 
have u heard of any other words usually used in make up but don't know what it means? do ask..would be glad if I could help 

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