Sunday, February 13, 2011



My good friend prachi, asked me today whether I have some experience About this DIVYA KANTI LEP from Ramdev baba's divya pharmacy range. I suddenly realised I bought it a few months back and have used it just once till date. Thankyou Prachi, for reminding me about it :) I dedicate this post to you sweetheart :)

What the product claims,?
Ayurvedic Propreitary medicine, It is useful in Acne, vulgaris and skin disorders
Click HERE to check their official site .

COMPOSITION, each 50 gm contains :

This is how this Divya kantilep looks like (dry form)

I took around two spoon full quantity and mixed with some rose water, although nothing has been mentioned on the pack as such. 

* It looks soooo much like henna/mehendi naa? Infact, its first main ingredient is mehendi beej (Lawsonia inermis


THE first major thing I noticed  is that it extremely cooling on the face. The texture is a bit grainy and not really fine/smooth. You can easily apply it with your fingers though. It has more of mask like feel and does not give that  stretchy feel like usual face packs. The smell is very herbal like and not really pleasing. It does not dry completely, so I washed it off withing 15 minutes. I had a tiny eruption on my face before I applied it, and I notice it has reduced just a bit . My face looks fresh and clear , but not really glowing :(

Now, summing its pro s and cons

  • very apt for oily/acne skin
  • Has super cooling effect on the facial skin
  • Ayurvedic product with all natural ingredients
  • price is extremely cheap, cant get cheaper at Rs. 30 for 50 gm of Qty.
  • strips off moisture from the skin, so dry skinned beauties may find it unimpressive
    • It leaves behind a deep yellow caste on the face, so it cant be used as your instant quick fix pack. I generally
      • use it before sleeping, so that I dont need to step out with that jaundice striken look :P

  • This is available only at particular divya pharmacy shops and not retailed everywhere.
  • The package is in simple plastic jar.
On the whole, I found it decent just because of the whole ayurvedic/natural angle it has. At the price, I think one should Give it a shot.
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