Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Heylo friends! This is my first nail art tutorial on this blog. This is dedicated to my sweet and cute Nupur Di. Love ! :-*
Since summer is here I will teach ya beautiful girls this quick and bright summer nail art. I don’t have very long nails. :(

So I will be doing this on my short nails. Hope you all like this :D :D :D :D :D 

I forgot to take the picture of my nail paints. So I am just providing names. Please feel free use brands and colours of your choice.
1. Maybelline Expert Wear Base coat
2. VOV Yellow Nail pain
3. White Nail Art Polish (it has a thin brush for detailing)
4. Maybelline Colorama Black nail paint (to draw flower I used a toothpick)
5. Lotus Herbal’s Crimson Red nail paint
6. Lotus Herbal’s Go Grapes green nail paint
7. Rhinestone in silver
8. Maybelline clear nail paint as top coat

Start with filing and buffering your nails.
Apply transparent base coat.
Make French tips using yellow nail polish. Don’t worry it will not look loud at end. 
Using white thin brush (nail art polish) make vertical stripes on the French tip.
Now we shall make flower on thumb and ring finger nail only. It’s up to you, if you want on all the nails then go ahead. Take a drop of black nail polish on newspaper and dip your toothpick and start drawing the flower. Start with a circle and then draw petals around and at last the two leaves as shown in following pictures.

Flower on my thumb nail. :)

Now fill the flower petals with red nail paint using same toothpick.
Fill the leaves with green nail paint.
Now stick a silver rhinestone in the middle of the flower using clear nail paint. If you don’t have rhinestone you can fill the middle with a yellow nail paint.
Now make horizontal line separating the French tip from rest of the nail.
Apply a clear nail polish to seal everything. That’s all!

Hope you all liked my first nail art here.


Peach. :)

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