Sunday, March 20, 2011


Smearing gulal and splashing each other with colours – We  love doing all this on Holi. But amidst the fun and frolic, we should not forget to follow up with proper skin care to protect our skin and hair from the chemicals present in the colours.

Cleaning the skin and hair finally of all the colours is the most important aspect. Do not rub the skin vigorously with soaps to wipe the face of gulal but, instead, opt for a cleanser. Follow this up with lots of moisturiser, specially ones that are meant for sensitive skin.
or you can do the following easy things too=

  • To remove colour ,replenish & rejuvenate the skin use a paste of soyabean flour or besan with milk.
  • A mixture of sea salt, glycerine and a few drops of aroma oil have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect and can take care of the bad effects of chemical colours.
  • If colours don't come off in the first wash, rub warm olive oil and lemon juice generously over skin, leave for an hour and bathe again. 
  • Some good natural colour removers are vinegar, mustard oil, curd, soapnut (reetha) extract.
  • Use plenty of conditioner after shampooing. 
  • Load on the moisturiser generously, after bathing.
  •  For irritated skin or minor rashes, apply a mixture of calamine lotion with a few drops of mometasone lotion (example: Elocon lotion). Apply an ice pack on the irritated skin. If the condition persists, go to a dermatologist. 
  • If you have acne, wash your face clean with Cetaphil cleanser and apply an antibiotic gel like Clindamycin gel.
  • If you suffer from dandruff, prevent on acute attack by shampooing with your usual anti-dandruff shampoo, then rubbing in a few drops of lemon juice and oil or a few drops of Candid-B lotion.

Hope these little tips are of some use to you...
please share if you have some other tips too...
& if you are real lazy to do all this at home, visit your friendly neighbourhood saloon and get pampered..
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