Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hi girls,
Apart from make up, we girls must keep ourselves updated about some tech stuff too..After all, we are not just “beauty without brains..”
The latest news today is the launch of much awaited MOBILE NUMBER PORTABLITY..

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is slated to flag off the nationwide roll-out of mobile number portability today, a move that will allow users to switch operators without losing their phone numbers and will force telecom providers to improve the quality of their services.

Girls, remember Abhishek bachan in the idea ads, telling everyone  'No idea? Get Idea' …this is what he was talking about… “mobile number portability”

Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said, "We're very happy that we are going to launch it nationally tomorrow. It's a great step forward for the consumer. It enhances his choice."
Dump your phone company. Move to a better one. But keep your present number. 700 million Indians use cell phones. With mobile number portability finally kicking, many customers, especially pre-paid ones, might abandon ship and firms might offer better service.
Rajan Mathews, Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India, COAI: You can use number portability for any post-paid as well as prepaid number. In case of a post-paid number, there shouldn't be any dues. For a prepaid number, carry forward of any balance to the new service provider is not permitted.
When you port your number, you also need to change your SIM. Apart from retaining the same number, the process is same as acquiring a new connection. MNP might be kicking off all over India now, but in Haryana it was launched on November 25 and 80000 people have already opted for it.

How to use mobile portability ?

Switching from one network to another (while keeping the same number) is pretty straightforward:

TO shift, send an SMS from your phone to 1900. (SMS PORT <your current mobile number> 1900) to get their unique porting code)Your present company will reply with a unique porting code. Use that code while filling out a detailed form for the company you want to shift to. Within 48 hours, that company will take over all your cell services. The fees, about Rupees 19.(thats it..)

Does it allow a technology switch? Subscriber can stay with same technology, GSM/CDMA. Also change to CDMA or vice versa. Both post-paid & prepaid subscribers can use it ..

How will we benefit from mobile portability?

Do I really need to point that out…? Ok..

  • Overall, it's a good move for the customers. It puts the service providers on their toes and will make them focus on delivering value to the consumers, giving them the power to choose,"
  • Tariffs may go down further as a result of the competition amongst mobile operators likely to heat up following the nationwide MNP, inorder to retain present consumers.
 HOW are the major players handling MNP?

Telecom providers have sought to maximize the benefits and limit the damages of MNP by launching often aggressive marketing campaigns.

  • Idea was among the first to attract the attention of consumers who are thinking of changing operator. In a recent TV advertisement, actor Abhishek Bachchan tells people “No Idea, Get Idea!”. Idea Cellular, has also set up a toll-free line to assist customers looking to switch operators.
  • Although a Bharti Airtel spokesperson has described it as “a great opportunity,” the company is yet to launch a media campaign on MNP
  • A good chance for smaller operators like .Tata teleservices., UNINOR , Videocon, and Reliance Communications to broaden their consumer base through improved offers and customer support.    

   Globally, MNP has a good track record and is today common practice in many countries in Europe. It remains to be seen whether Indian market will follow suit.

Really don't know about most of us, but I have already made up my mind to switch my mobile network, since my current one gives me absolutely no coverage when I am inside my house..
 Hope you find this little info. useful...
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